Friday, 9 June 2017

Java guide

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So you want to learn java and we have this blog setup just for you.
Either you are visiting us as a student looking to get a supplement for your college course or are a programmer looking to learn a new language or any other type of person, we made a list of resources that we have gone through and found useful so you can get the good stuff right off the internet and safe time searching.

Eclipse IDE, Window Builder

IDE to Use
If you are a student or have a school email  then you could very easily get the professional version of IntelliJ IDEA :
Otherwise the Eclipse IDE is also suitable. You may have to manually add the windows Builder later on if you need it for GUI later on.

The following resources are divided between books, videos and courses.

Hello World program

Book. Think Java is an introduction to computer science and programming intended for readers with little or no experience. Easy to read and to the point. Unlike your uni course book, you can actually finish reading a chapter.

An edx course that gives you the basics. Focus on skill and theory

Focus on skill.
They have a free course on java for beginners. It also has content for what's new in java 8 so, i'm sure this is the site you want to be referring to for java.
They also have a course on GUI through SWING which I will recommend after doing it myself.

I have not gone through this book.

Personally read. This book follows an Object first approach to learning OOP(Object Oriented Programming). I'll be honest, its not for complete beginners but you can easily read it after going through after your comfortable with the syntax of the language.

This is Java 2D games tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of 2D game programming in Java. The Java 2D games tutorial is suitable for beginners and intermediate programmers.
You may decide to do a project in java and choose one of these games. If you know whats better for you, you wouldn't plagiarize the whole thing and start off with planning on how you could approach it. Remember nothing grows in the comfort zone.

More content to be added. If you like to suggest a course or comment on this list, please feel free to do so. We only hope it is a course you have  studied and  like to share it with others.

(College students)
The concern is that a college course is too packet in to allow mastery. Your teacher has a finite amount of time to finish those slides and if your a curious person with lots and lots of questions, I can assure you if your question is not up to a mark, you better stay quite if you know whats good for you. To make up for these flaws, you follow on after class. A course will choose to ignore topics so you should be familiar with your course outline.

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