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This article give you tips on how to pass the driving test.

Driving on the road will add to your character.
Well, test it out.
You will gain more confidence. Strange as that may sound since driving requires confidence. Unless you are perpetually drunk and could give a hoot if the car crashed so there's the exception.

Since we want to be honest people, getting a licence is important and the itp experience despite the inconviniance, will have its benefits. For one thing, its time to take some heat. Consider it preparation for practical life.

Lets start.
You need to be 18 years old by paper. I do not encourage people drive earlier than this. Its sad to see young people die from car crashes. Please wear a seat belt.
Your documents get through a lot of checking, so its best to go by the book. If they tell you to watch the one hour long documentary, do so.
Of course we need to start with you getting a C form. The Itp is located in F6. On the right of AIR and Bahria University and much before Ali Medical Centre. Its before the markaz.

Since rules and preocedures change an I'd like this article to be ever green, I'd suggest visiting ITP once. Timings 8:30 onwards to 11:30 am. Driving Test timings go even further so don't forget. Before the entrance there will be a small board on what you may need. You definitely need the C-form. A copy of your CNIC (You should always keep a few with you) and a photograph of yourself.
I'm sure you already know your blood group and height. If you don't, get a test done in some family clinic in the markaz.
Once equipped, proceed to the ITP. You have to wait in line. Those who have to give the driving test and or have to receive the license don't have to wait and can go straight in.
Tell them you have to get a fresh license. The entrance is next to the huge board with signs. Usually a police officer is standing managing the intake of people.
Once inside, tell the person you want a learners license. Get the ticket, find a sit and wait. Your number will come twice. Once for the medical room where your paper will get stamped.(This is the same room where you might give the electronic version of the knowledge based test after the 40 day wait. The manual board version is in a small room next to the driving track. Its this room where you will eventually submit the form if you pass the driving test or you want to give the test and they ask you the license number of your car to write at the back of your form. Most people have to bring their own cars.)
The second time your number comes, its at a counter where you pay for the learner (and the license.) Go watch the one hour clip and get your paper stamped. This place is also next to the track. You should later ask these officers where to get a book to learn the rules and signs.
Go home, Wait for 40 days. You should learn to drive in this period. There is a sign pdf you should go through once to help you on the sign test. With a bit of luck you can pass the electronic version.

I want you to be well prepared for any 'non foul verbal- mental abuse'. (Fewwww)
Be patient and pity the officers. They're tired of having to answer the same questions to different people. If you know what to do, you can avoid the nonsense.

The next time you come in, don't wait in the outer line. Give the sign test. If you pass go to have your car's plate number written on your form. Go outside and bring your car in.

Now here comes the test advice.
You have nothing to be worried about. Your nervousness will fail you. Do not be influenced by the number of people who fail. You can pass on your first try. On your third, fifth or even ninth!

Turn you air conditioner on. Adjust you mirrors. What ever position they were usually in, bring them half way down and half way left and right. You should adjust the mirrors before your turn on the test when you are waiting in your car on the track.

When you are asked, bring your car to the 4 cones and put the breaks. Handover your form and listen to the instructions. You have to go forward, reverse back to the cones and park between the two plastic road blocks.

Make sure your seat belt is on. Now drive slowly forward. When you exit the four cones I want you to look back in the mirrors once to see the angle of your car since how you exist is how you will reverse back. Remember the position. It has to be like this when you reverse.

The next part of moving forward is easy. Once you reach the road block stop and gently begin to reverse back and left. You have plenty of time. When you reverse, its the left mirror you want to have a look at. (If turning left was the last thing you did when you moved forward.)

This initial reverse is the hard test. Its the left mirrors where the cones will be visible since the right side is being blocked by the body of the car. (This direction varies depending on the track. I made it clear what decides where you look.)

Looking left and right in reverse, remember the point we marked when we were coming out of the cones. Adjust to it and reverse.
The parking is easy.

And that's all there is to it.

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