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How to maximise you NET's.

How do I go about the Nust Entry Tests.

Ideally, you want to have a read of the FSC books. Again math will over whelm you. And chemistry is quite lengthy. You definitely want to take an NET session.
Not that people haven't done it without tuition from the non fsc stream. There are such talented students. But preferably you want to take tuition.
So here is what you do. After your AS, you buy the fsc books(11 and 12. Just tell the store owner to give you matric and fsc books. ) and go through them over the summers.  Now the NET is not just based on the Punjab text book. It can have questions from the KPK book as well. No, you don't read all these books. One is enough to deal with. If you take tuition, the teacher may mention the differences. (There are net sessions. Decide which session is better for you.)

You can score between 90 to 120 out of 200 on your NET without preparation. It is the next set of 50 to 20 marks you require. With the NET accounting for 75% of your admission, I cannot emphasis enough how much each mark is important. Fact is a lot of people score in a particular range. You want to go above that.
The rest 25% will be build on your O-level result to generate your merit. Your A-level will not be used since the result will not be out by then. So what good are they. Your A-level equivalence has to be at least 60% to confirm your admission. The submission of your A-level result has more time allotted than you think or are told, so don't worry about delays. The official warning comes weeks later and you wont be allowed to appear in sessional papers or the like in case you fail to submit them. But that is not your main worry. (if it is a worry.)

Scoring 80 out of 80 in math is quite difficult. It is better one focuses on all subjects as getting 60/80 in math and then scoring more on the other subjects is a far better strategy. It is easier to get more from each subject than to get a lot from one subject. So you definitely want to focus on more than just math.
There is math, physics, chemistry, English and intelligence. The reason students can score up to 120 without preparation is that the NET has both easy and difficult questions. The paper has these jumbled up. The key is to do the easy questions and not waste time on the hard ones. The NET seems to start with nerve shattering questions. You want to skip these for later. Time is a greater asset on the NET than marks.
Your beloved author ( I'm talking about myself you nincompoop ) in his first Net had about 40 questions left in about 20-10 minutes time. Hardly enough to randomly pick an answer! With a better approach, your beloved author finishes with about 20-25 minutes to spare. A drastic change don't you think? I spent the rest of the time going through the questions I had left. This included the tangling questions.
An example of a tangling math question:
In which quadrant is the solution of --sin(60)?
I) 2nd Quadrant
II) 2nd and 3rd Quadrant
III) 3rd and 4rth Quadrant
IIII) 4rth Quadrant

You want to learn the angles by heart. Learn the three triangles in chapter 9(Trigonometry). They have relevance to questions in physics as well.
Physics has simple questions that relate to formula. Such as the formula of angular frequency. You want to pay close attention to the options. On questions such as the units of Joule has more than one answer as they ultimately work out to be the same basic units, so don't rush to click the right option.

Another type of physics questions require you to manipulate. For instance what would be the effect on the escape velocity of a planet if its radius is decreased by half? Sometimes two components will be changed, one which will have no relation. #note : be very comfortable with this.

Lastly there will be questions on facts. These side tables will be very helpful to you.
PHYSICS 11 Punjab curriculum and textbook board. (I'm aware the pages vary for other boards. Try making something out of it.)
These are references to the side boxes or tables that are spread in this book.
To Learn by heart.
pg. 2. Interdisciplinary areas of physics.
pg. 3 order of magnitude of some distance/nucleus, atom, galaxy, nearest galaxy
pg. 6 table
pg. 7 /universe, Earth, year, light waves
pg. 8 /sun
pg. 11 table
pg. 14 table
pg. 15 table
pg. 50/ walking ant, flying bee, electromagnetic waves(light, radio, x-rays etc.)
pg. 82 conservative and non conservative forces
pg. 83 Do you know table, for your information table/jumbo jet, colour tv, pocket calculator
pg. 84 Tid bits, for your information/ Burning one ton coal, petrol. KE molecule of air.
pg. 86 Do you know
pg. 88 table / moon, earth, Jupiter
pg. 91 Energy sources, for your information
pg. 92 table
pg. 93 Solar energy (Reading text)
pg. 95 Residual heat of Earth Reading
pg. 109 moment of Inertia for various bodies
unit 5.17
pg. 128 for your information /air, water, glycerin
pg. 156 interesting information Tacoma Narrow Bridge
pg. 167 speed of sound in different media , copper, Aluminum, glass, Iron.
pg. 168 for your information table
pg. 169 for your information table/ Dolphin.
pg. 200 table
pg. 259 electric generator, locomotive, steam engine.
isothermal, adiabatic, boyles law, Charles law
I found a lot of questions in chemistry to be organic. You should score up to 20+ in this section at least. ( From a net giver who scored 90%+, they had almost full marks in physics, chemistry and English. A 7/10 in intelligence and the majority of their remaining marks lost from maths!)

Intelligence has easy questions where a person walks a few steps in a particular direction and then you have tell where they are. There are  hard questions or time consuming ones. I advice you to learn about Caesar Cipher and Vigenère Cipher.  ( Don't get too lost. Basically words get shifted by some pattern and sequence.)
Shift Cipher
You should know to decode.

When you make the payment and its time to select a date. Do realize it extends a lot. SO be patient and wait for convenience.
I word of advice. Three hours is a long period. You do not want to drink that nice chilled( mine was) Aquafina water bottle they give you. Trust me you don not want to consider having wore a diaper when you realize you have to go really bad.
If entry tests decided the value of a university, I'm sorry to say the NET would not hold out nicely for NUST's image. (Despite the Nice, Chilled, Aquafina, water bottle. ) At least in the eyes of non-fsc students. But what value does a students words have? Not much. Luckily even the Net session physics teacher  remarked that:" Does this question check your physics?" And no. Reluctantly said by students probably from evident difficulty to solve this non physics checking physics question.
I guess the fact so much depends on your entry test is hope for some students. But consistency is better shown with board examinations. And having a higher percentage for it is a wiser decision. Well, there's a variety of university standards. The Net does deserve some praise. You get results the following day!

Lastly our traditions teach us:
  •  to keep a decision once you have taken it.
  •  that there is no concept of "if".
  • "If I had only done this or that." NO, no! What's done is done.
If you work hard with dedication, with persistence, you may win even at odds.
Once you have given your best, have trust in the Lord. It works out. At times in ways we don't imagine how.

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